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The snow fell all night and all day - over 3 feet of snow. As a 9-year- old, I loved it. In the evening when the snowfall subsided, I did as I always did, and ventured out with my snow shovel to make some money. 

I knocked on several neighborhood doors with no luck. Finally, at a home with a 30’ X 20’ driveway, the owner agreed to my $5 offer to shovel their driveway. I was pleased. $5 was a lot of money in those days.

Over 3 hours later and exhausted, I knocked on the door to announce I completed the shoveling. During my ordeal, I convinced myself the homeowner would see how much work their driveway required and give me more than what I asked. He didn’t.

And so I learned a big, important lesson when I was 9 years old. Don’t be stupid.

Author Joe Koenig "Getting the Truth"

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