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JKauthorlargeFounder of KMI, Joe Koenig CFE

While Joe has experience in all types of cases, he specializes in Certified Fraud Examination (Forensic Accounting) and Forensic Linguistics (the use of language/communication as evidence - Forensic Linguistics). Forensic Accounting is well known. Forensic Linguistics is not.

Forensic Linguistics, in short, focuses on commnication evidence and the presentation of that evidence in court. Discovering evidence in all cases is central for KMI, and, given Joe's over 50 years of investigative experience, he is an invaluable expert in discovering critical evidence the right way. Identifying suspect authors, suspect witnesses, eliminating suspect authors, and uncovering possible authors of suspicious and harmful messages are our specialty. Using Forensic Linguistics in Due Diligence investigations is a little used and powerful tool for making better decisions in mergers and acquistions. We can help you determine how committed a principal or witness is to his/her statements, and identify those areas in which you need to gather more information before making those all-important decisions. 

False confessions are being discovered at an alarming rate. Forensic Investigations include false confessions, helping to identify, analyze, quantify and present the evidence in those false confessions to successfully prove innocence. Joe has the unique and powerful combination of experience and skills as a Court approved expert* in interview/interrogation to help you defend those falsely accused. 

Joe was the 2020 recipient of the Michigan State Police Retiree of the Year award in part for his work in providing crucial Forensic Linguistic evidence leading to the release of two convicts from prison for crimes they didn't commit in separate cases. Joe regularly works on Innocence Clinic projects.


He is a past President of the Michigan FBI National Academy Associates, past treasurer of the National Alliance of State Drug Enforcement Agencies, and founding Vice President of the Lansing Chapter of the ACFE (Association of Certified Fraud Examiners). He worked as an AVP in Internal Audit for a large national bank (Chase), retired as a manager of investigations for another Fortune 500 corporation (The Hartford), and worked as a forensic accountant for a global consulting firm (Jefferson Wells).


Joe Koenig owns and operates KMI Investigations, LLC (, a bonded and licensed professional investigative agency. Joe is a CFE, a Forensic Linguist, FCLS (Fraud Claims Law Specialist), and FCLA (Fraud Claims Law Associate). He holds a BS in Accounting from Wayne State University and a Masters in Public Administration from Eastern Michigan University where he was a member of the Phi Kappa Phi Honor Society.


Further, he is a much sought-after speaker on his award-winning book, "Getting the Truth" (2014) and his most recent book "Getting the Truth: I am D.B. Cooper" (2019).  "Getting the Truth" won the 2016 Montaigne Medal Finalist Award and the 2016 Indie General Non-Fiction Finalist Award. Koenig says, "Getting the Truth" reflects my passion for knowing and teaching people what goes on around us." Follow him at Facebook: Author Joe Koenig  You can purchase autographed copies of both books and his new audible book by clicking on the "BOOKSTORE" tab above.


".. unlocking the secrets of communication." - buy Mr. Koenig's autographed books at BOOKSTORE.

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