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Forensic Linguistics and Certified Fraud Examination

Unlocking the secrets of communication.

Finding facts for better decisions.

KMI Investigations, LLC is a licensed and bonded Grand Rapids, MI-based private and professional investigations company led by our founder Joe Koenig, Forensic Linguist, Certified Fraud Examiner (CFE) and author. We utilize only highly trained, skilled and experienced private investigators and consultants who are experts at gathering factually accurate data, witness information, and evidence critical to our clients’ objectives. KMI is your expert in many types of investigations: due diligence; asset discovery; reliability of statements; objective assessment of case facts in criminal case. KMI practices the principles revealed in the founder's award-winning book, "Getting the Truth," and inculcates those principles in the attendees who attend his ever-growing number of speeches on Forensic Linguistics across the country. These principles unlock the secrets of communication, which go to the heart of getting the truth and truly understanding the real message. Evidence obtained using our principles will save you time and money because you will be getting the truth – and, the evidence that enables you to prove it's the truth. For example, if our work results in a confession, our procedures minimize the possibility of a false confession and our investigation processes will secure the evidence in the right ways to prove the validity of the confession. Using our services, businesses and attorneys will obtain information and facts no other firms can provide.

We also work hard to ensure dignity and respect in our process. We try our best to instill in the confessor that, while their actions were wrong and they need to be held accountable, this is their opportunity to view this setback as a catalyst for growth, for improvement. We emphasize the need for introspection, not anger. Understanding and accepting our mistakes leads us to a better way forward, a foundation to build on.

KMI specializes in Forensic Linguistics (the use of language/communication as evidence - Forensic Linguistics). Forensic Linguistics, in short, focuses on communication evidence and the presentation of that evidence in court. Discovering evidence in all cases is central for KMI. Identifying suspect authors, eliminating suspect authors, and uncovering possible authors of suspicious and harmful messages are our specialties. Using Forensic Linguistics in Due Diligence investigations is a little-used and powerful tool for making better decisions in mergers and acquisitions. We can help you determine how committed a principal or witness is to his/her statements and identify those areas in which you need to gather more information before making those all-important decisions.

False confessions are being discovered at an alarming rate. Forensic Investigations include false confessions, helping to identify, analyze, quantify, and present the evidence in those false confessions to prove innocence successfully. Joe has the unique and powerful combination of experience and skills as a Court approved expert* in interview/interrogation to help you defend those falsely accused. 

Joe was the 2020 recipient of the Michigan State Police Retiree of the Year award in part for his work in providing crucial Forensic Linguistic evidence leading to the release of two convicts from prison for crimes they didn't commit in separate cases. Joe regularly works on Innocence Clinic projects.

Use KMI to assist in your audit risk assessment interviews. Use KMI to interview your client(s) to get minimally contaminated statements to help determine the truth and secure those hard-to-get details needed to construct your best legal strategy.  We also assist counsel to help identify deceptive testimony and witness statements.

Autographed books ("Getting the Truth" and "Getting the Truth: I am D.B. Cooper" with free shipping) are available by clicking the "BOOKSTORE" tab above, or unautographed books are available through any bookstore. KMI incorporates the books' principles in everything it does. That is something you won’t find through any other PI firm. "Getting the Truth," is the 2016 Montaigne Medal Finalist Award Winner and the 2016 Indie Non-Fiction Finalist Award Winner.

Please contact us at any time. Help us help you. Follow me at: @JoeKMI on Twitter  and Facebook: Author Joe Koenig and hashtags #gettingthetruth #getthetruth #joekoenig #AuthorJoeKoenig. *Expert Witness testimony on Forensic Linguistics (admitted as Expert Witness, 2019 Michigan's Sixth Circuit Court Judge Rae Chabot [State of Michigan vs. Kevin Boyd])

Finding Facts for Better Decisions



".. unlocking the secrets of communication." - buy Mr. Koenig's autographed books at BOOKSTORE.

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