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KMI Investigations, LLC is a licensed and bonded Grand Rapids-based private and professional investigations company. We utilize only highly trained, skilled and experienced private investigators and consultants who are experts at gathering factually accurate data, witness information, and evidence critical to our clients’ objectives. KMI is your expert in all types of investigations, asset discovery, attorney assistance, and practices the principles contained in the founder's award-winning book, "Getting the Truth." Evidence obtained using those principles will save you time and money.

KMI specializes in financial investigation, Forensic Linguistics ( Definition "Forensic Linguistics"  - briefly it is the use of language as evidence), Forensic Accounting, and Elder Fraud using financial fraud experts who have proven skills in gathering the evidence and getting the facts you need. We will find those hard to get facts that other firms will miss.

In addition to financial investigations, we conduct Forensic Linguistics, asset discovery, medical fraud investigations, FINRA complaint investigation/assistance, and work closely with legal counsel in the preparation and execution of their case strategies. We can evaulte witness statements or testimony to give counsel facts they otherwise would not know. We help you make better, more informed decisions in your work, critical executive selections, and investment decisions.

Get an autographed copy of Joe Koenig's books ("Getting the Truth" and "Getting the Truth: I am D.B. Cooper" with free shipping) by clicking the "BOOKSTORE" tab above and discover the meaning of his book description: "My book reflects my passion for knowing and teaching people what really goes on around us." KMI incorporates his books' principles in everything it does. That is something you won’t find at any other PI firm. "Getting the Truth," is the 2016 Montaigne Medal Finalist Award Winner and the 2016 Indie Non-Fiction Finalist Award Winner.

Please contact us at any time. Help us help you. Follow me at: @JoeKMI on Twitter  and Facebook: Author Joe Koenig and hashtags #gettingthetruth #getthetruth #joekoenig #AuthorJoeKoenig

Finding Facts for Better Decisions


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